Valentine’s Day always seems to creep up on us and before we know it, we’re rushing around for a last-minute gift.

That’s why we’ve created a loving list for your last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Ship them straight over and surprise your significant other with a gift at the door at any time. Romance lives and we’re here to deliver it.

We’ve gone the extra mile this Valentine’s Day  

If you ship with the Aramex app before 14 February in the UAE, you could be one of the lucky 5000 who’s gift is packaged in a special Valentine’s Day design. Share your package on Instagram and tag @aramex and you could win a romantic staycation for two.

The drawings are based on a Japanese legend that tells us of an invisible red string wrapped around our fingers, connecting us to those who we’re destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch, bend or tangle, but it will never break. A beautiful sentiment for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re strapped for time, you can ship faster and easier with the Aramex app. We’re giving a 30% discount to anyone shipping in the GCC before 14 February through the app, so there’s no excuse to not go the extra mile and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. We’ve also updated our tracking data, so you can follow your shipment at any stage.

Just use code LOVE30 for 30% off your shipments on the Aramex app.

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Crush that gift-giving occasion with these 20 ideas

Whether you’re staying in budget or making a splurge of a lifetime, all these gifts will make your day together extra special.


Get into the ritual of winding down together every night and let this earthy-musky oud and patchouli infusion by Rituals candles bring you loving memories.


The next big cup of love comes from the Nespresso coffee machine. Take your coffee breaks together and get in the mood to recharge.


Immerse yourselves or your significant other in the world of gaming fun and make game night a regular one. Experience gaming possibilities that you never anticipated with the PlayStation 5.


Dior’s Bois D’argent from its unisex collection is the perfect scent bonding for two. The base adds up warmly with sensual vanilla, musk, amber, woody notes, honey and a leather scent.


Fit in beach cycling into your date nights or days. Go on a romantic ride at sunset and pack a small picnic. Check out Sun & Sand Sports bikes for the perfect his and hers pair to set your wheels on fire.


Meet TAG Heuer’s color addition to the Aquaracer Collection. Perfect for dynamic couples who love to take on fun adventures together. These models are created to invite its wearers to live the good life. Get them in green, blue, black and white.


Get it in pink, yellow and white gold. The Cartier Love Bracelet is favoured by celebrity couples and its simplistic design and locking mechanism has a powerful romantic concept.


Give the gift of care. This body care essentials orange blossom kit from Izil is made from the finest Moroccan natural ingredients provided by nature. Time to relax naturally.


If your boo is a sneaker head Dolce & Gabbana have a limited Valentine’s Day edition pair that you can personalize with a message.


Watch your love grow as you water it with love. These creative dual and single heart vases might test your patience but they’re a great addition to any room.


A two-seater lovers’ seat with ultimate hugging power. Enjoy comfy nights watching rom-coms and make it your special spot.


Just what you need to make a romantic evening complete. This portable fire pit lets you light a fire in your backyard or any other spot your heart desires.


Give the gift of memories. The stylish Amore Wire Montage Photo Frame lets you add your sweet memories with 8 clips.


More date night attire! Nibble on your favourite cheeses with this rustic farmhouse black slate cheese board. You’ll get to add the cheeses and all the extras you want.


Capture all your memories with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and instantly add your photos to your fridge or anywhere you both want.


These heart-shaped love story bath fizzers with a unique scent of rose water are made to give the relaxation anyone needs after a long day.


Personalize a fragrance to your significant other’s taste at the Ghawali luxury oriental fragrance and experience store. Your perfume will be all about the Khaleeji traditions and culture of layering rituals.


You can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry or even better these Dior pearl tribales earrings with a gold and crystals finish.


If you’re not into the sappy Valentine’s presents go the uber tech root with the Nanoleaf smart lighting kit. It can reflect moods, set a tone and enhance your playlist with glowing lights.  


Listen to all the love songs your heart desires with this vintage style portable turntable that hooks up to your Bluetooth from the Crosely collection.

Whether your relationship is brand new or in its golden years, follow these 20 ideas for fail-proof gifts that will make you the most thoughtful person in their world.

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