Get ready to ramp up your e-commerce sales during Ramadan! This month-long religious undertaking is well-known to everyone living in the Middle East. But here’s the exciting part: while everything else seems to slow down, consumer sales skyrocket in the lead-up to Eid al Fitr so it makes sense to get your Ramadan shipping in order.

E-commerce shipping and logistics at Aramex

The two busiest weeks for e-commerce companies in the Middle East occur right before Eid al Fitr.

According to a report by Criteo, online shopping in the Middle East during Ramadan increases by more than 43%. This surge in online sales is mostly driven by mobile purchases, with most browsing happening at noon and midnight. Additionally, the two busiest weeks for e-commerce companies in the Middle East occur right before Eid al Fitr, the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan.

Online shopping in the Middle East increases by more than 43% during Ramadan.

But, are you prepared to handle the surge in orders and shipping? With shorter working hours, it’s no surprise that most browsing happens at noon and midnight. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to prepare for Ramadan shipping.

Supercharge your inventory storage

Proper inventory storage is essential when you’re expecting such high volumes. You don’t want to run out of stock when demand is at its peak. Make sure to consider third-party warehousing and reverse logistics for returns.

SME shipping and logistics at Aramex

Review sales and performance results from last year

Look into your business’s sales and performance from the previous year to help you prepare better for this year. Did your team perform well last Ramadan, or did you encounter any setbacks? Learning from past experiences can make it easier for you to plan your business activities for the upcoming Ramadan.

Add extra staff or let your logistics partner know of the surge

Consider hiring temporary staff to help you manage the extra sales around this month. Your logistics partner can also support you well with more drivers or fulfillment tasks to cope with the surge in orders and deliveries. This can improve productivity, reduce risks, and keep customers happy.

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Be honest about delivery timings

Be extra transparent with your customers on delivery dates and times so they know what to expect and you lower complaints and losing customers. Remember, the biggest sales rush is just before Eid, and you don’t want to disappoint your customers. Keep them updated with their order status so they know it will arrive on time.

Communicate with your team

Bring all key teams, including your logistics service provider together for regular meetings to communicate potential setbacks and get input from others. This can help you avoid missing something important that could hurt your business during this crucial time of the year.

Key takeaway

Planning ahead of time, having the right number of staff and support from your logistics provider, being transparency with customers, and communicating with all teams, your e-commerce business can soar to the top during Ramadan. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your sales and enhance your bottom line. Ramadan is just around the corner, so get ready to make the most of it!

E-commerce shipping and logistics at Aramex